DENR investigates the injured Philippine eagle rescued in Maitum
Kiamba, Sarangani (January 12) - Just recently, another Philippine eagle was rescued by Mr. Mang Ganang in Sitio Wata, Barangay Ticulab. The said eagle is now under the custody of the Philippine Eagle Foundation for observation. 
On January 9, 2021, CENRO Kiamba came to see the rescued raptor and met Mr. Ganang.  Accoding to him, “I saw a big bird trying to catch a monkey in the portion of the forest, near the Salagbanog Falls. After a quick swipe on its prey, the raptor fell from the tree and was trapped in the thorny vines of rattan.”
Mr. Ganang rescued the big bird and immediately informed their Chieftain Fredimen M. Wanan on the incident, late afternoon of January 8. 
On the following day, the staff of LGU-Maitum and the Kabalikat Civicom-499 Chapter sent by Mayor Alexander Bryan Reganit went to Barangay Ticulab and confirmed that the rescued bird is a Philippine eagle. They then retrieved the raptor and turned it over to CENRO Kiamba same day by MENRO Nanettee Nacional of Maitum, Sarangani.
According to the Conservation and Development Section Chief, Forester Jessica C. Guilao, “We immediately arranged for the transport of the raptor and sought the technical assistance of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) through Mr. Jayson Ibanez”, she said.
The PEF immediately issued an initial statement on the night of January 9, 2021 regarding their findings on the raptor. The eagle undergone X-ray exam, blood test for CBC and fungal swab test. As per physical assessment, it is male, 3-5 years old and has gross weight of 4.25 kilograms.  
According to Dr. Ana Lascano, “The raptor is dehydrated, but has no fracture or wounds in the body. However, two bullets were found under its skin (a big jolen and a small lead pellet) and are now under close monitoring and further medical treatment.” 
“A surgical removal of these bullets will be done once the eagle recovers from dehydration. Other laboratory tests to be initiated will be DNA test, avian influenza and NCD screenings.”, she added.”rescuedpheagle1
“From the initial findings, the DENR through CENRO Kiamba will conduct an investigation on the suspected hunting of this raptor. This is a clear violation of RA 9147 or Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act”, emphasized by the CENR Officer, Ali M. Hadjinasser, PhD. 
This is the second Philippine eagle rescued in Maitum and the third Philippine eagle rescued by DENR in CENRO Kiamba jurisdiction (Aileen D. Tenio, Information Officer Designate/ Information and Photos courtesy of CENRO Kiamba Eagle Team).




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