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Kiamba (February 18, 2022) The Department of Environment and Natural Resources through the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Kiamba conducted an activity on tree hugging today at 7 o’clock in the morning in the beach forest of Barangay Kling, Kiamba, Sarangani Province.

The Tree Hugging Movement originated in 1970s in Northern India known as the “Chipko Movement”, a non-violent protest in India. It is believed that the said protest sparked the future environmental movements all over the world.

“We would like to thank DENR for holding this campaign in our barangay. We are one with our efforts with you in the protection and conservation of our environment”, said Hon. Michael Q. Chiongbian, the barangay chairman of Kling.tree hugger2

CENRO Kiamba chose Barangay Kling in the Municipality of Kiamba because of the existing beach forest and several narra trees established along the highway.

The CENR Officer of Kiamba, Forester Abdul Cariga, proudly said, “We would like to convey a message to the public that in Kiamba, we don’t just see big trees in the distant upland forest areas, but also in the coastal like the beach forest. We have centennial old trees along the coastal of Barangay Kling and the narra trees that can be seen as you pass by the highway”.

“This coastal area is also identified as nesting site of marine turtles”, he added.

The barangay chairman of Kling said that several coastal clean-up activities has been conducted along with other government agencies like the PNP and AFP. Regular monitoring is done by the barangay as beach goers tend to cook their food under the trees which is fire hazard and leaving their waste behind.

“The shade of big trees and the clean coastal attracts visitors in Kling. This indicates that the trees have social benefit along with the clean surroundings”, said Michael Q. Chiongbian, the barangay chairman of Kling.

Signages has been installed so that visitors shall be reminded not to litter in the area as it is also part of the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape.kiamba iac

An information and education campaign was conducted in the covered court of the said barangay after the tree hugging activity. Environmental policies on Presidential Decree 705 as amended, Executive Order 23, RA 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act and related guidelines, permit issuances of the DENR were discussed as well as the Gender and Development feauting the “Chipko Movement” as initiated by Indian women in 1970s.

The five-day campaign on tree hugging which started on February 14, 2022 aims to promote the importance of nurturing the forests and to recognize the importance of trees to the health of the people (Aileen D. Tenio, Information Officer Designate of CENRO Kiamba)



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